Fig. 1: Red students, a.k.a. "Red Rum," are mellow and appropriate.

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  • I Have a Dream, Too!: Write your own version of Dr. Martin Luther King's famous speech and identify/describe an accompanying song.
  • Down to Zero: Identify a song that you like and that was released when you born. Describe an event from that date that influenced African American history.
  • 10-20-30: Interview an friend or family member who is older than you. Ask them what songs they were listening to when they were 10, 20 or 30 years older than you. Describe an aspect of African American history that relates to each time period.
  • Roots: Describe American genre's of music -- such as field chants, gospel, blues, jazz, rock or hip-hop -- that have been influenced by the African/African American musical elements of call & response, polyrhythm or syncopation. What is the significance of a particular historical event associated with each genre?


African American Museum in Philadelphia
EBSCO Database
Internet Public Library
Library of Congress - Digital Collections
Portia Maultsby at Carnegie Hall (see "A History" link)
Power Library
The Blues (PBS)
University of Washington - Research Guide
US Constitution

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