The Music:
· Explain the genre’s musical structure. What makes it distinctive? How can we recognize it?
· Provide at least one original and one contemporary example.
· Describe any connections to other genres, especially with regard to call & response, syncopation and/or polyrhythm.
The Events:
· Explore the historical event or person for evidence of liberty and/or equality.
· Summarize the event or person: Who, what where, when? WHY is this event or person important to AA history?
The Magic:
· Each team will have up to 60 minutes to present a class activity or discussion. What will make the presentation special?
· Document your creations on our shared ethnomusicology Wikispaces.
The Video:
· Each team will create a video that will help the audience understand liberty & equality, a musical genre and/or African American history. The video can be a short, 30 second “commercial” or a longer, instructional piece. The video can also be completed after the presentations, but before Jun 6, 2011.

Fig. 1: Genres/Events & Students Teams

Genres & Events
Gospel/Spirituals: 1808 Ban on slave trade; 1840 Amistad ruling, Emancipation Proclamation (1800-1865)
Aaron, Juan, Sterling, Laura
Tyler, Robert, Raeven, Jalen
Work Song, Field/Street calls/Protest songs: Dred Scott Decision, Plessey vs. Ferguson, DuBois & Double Consciousness (The Souls of Black Folk) (1850-1900)
Jaccar, Aidan, Katherine, Franklin - Latin: Bachata & Reggaeton
Lexus, Dakota, Keith
Blues: Amendments 13, 14, 15 (1865-1900)
Michael, James, Gabe, Seamus
Anthony, Teige, Henry, Willie
Jazz: Integration of the military, Scottsboro Trials, Brown v. Board of Education (1900-1960)
Roberto, Jhonas, Devante, Jessica
Roger, Nicholas M, Ellen
Rhythm & Blues: Montgomery Bus Boycott, Civil Rights Act, Voting Right Act (1950-present)
Danielle, Zarea, Jordan
Dejah, Tamatha, Victoria, Taylor
Funk: Angela Davis & the Black Panthers, Shirley Chisolm, Barbara Jordan (1970-present)
Victoria, Zakee, Eric, Brandon
Nicholas D, Maria, Deshawn, Sarena
Hip-Hop: Clarence Thomas, Maya Angelou, Barack Obama (1980-present)
Kristi, Jasmin, Tyanna, Ayoola - Reggae/Gulla
Goldie, Bach, Drue
Rock: Bus Boycott, Freedom Rides, Stokely Carmichael & Black Power.
Isabela, Kyler, Morgan, Luke
Matthew, Shannon, Jonathan, Sean