Down to Zero

Identify a song that you like and that was released the year you were born.
Describe an event from that specific birth date that influenced African American history.

Fig. 1: Click in an SLA student's Name to see their speech and music!
Roberto A.
Song: I believe I can fly
Topic: Remembering Ronald Brown
Gabe. B.
Song: Dead Presidents
Topic: His life as an African American in the hood
Kristi B.
Song: When I think of you
Topic: Racial name controversy
Laura D.
Song: How do u want it
Topic: NYC state court found guilty by jury of peers
Jhonas D.
Song: Big poppa
Topic: Death on 125 st.
Zaria F-L.
Jaccar G.
Song: Macarena
Topic: Changing city, Changing carnival
Jordan H.
Topic: ???
Brandon H.
Ayoola H-G.
Song: Fantasy
Katherine H.
Topic: Black ministers ask for arson inquiry
Jasmin H.
Song: Because you loved me
Topic: Music review mixing jazz
Kyler J.
Song: Blue skies and clear
Topic: A manifesto of sports for black people
Zakee J.
Topic: Whitey smokes on but black guy says no
Seamus K.
Song: Runaway
Topic: 2pac dies of gunshot wounds
Danielle L.
Song: Fly
Topic: Students At Columbia end battle for ethnic studies
Eric L.
Song: crossroads
Topic: Art: a new generation
Jacob L.
Song: Hold me thrill me kiss me kill me
Topic: Suspect in African killings
Jessica M.
Song: Macarena
Topic: Los del rio
Franklin M.
Song: Big pappa
Topic: A swamp of hatred
Victoria O.
Song: California love
Topic: Black like them
Sterling P.
Song: ???
Topic: ???
Tyanna P.
Song: Scream
Topic: In America problems of parenting
James P.
Song: The Distance
Topic: Racist law enforcement.
Aidan R.
Topic: Whitman apologizes for remark on blacks
Juan R.
Song: ???
Topic: Black quarterbacks in NFL Football
Michael R.
Song: Life goes on
Topic: Church in flames
Isabela S-A.
Song: Wonder wall
Topic: In person reason to march
Devante T.
Song: I have a dream
Topic: Building shutting down
Morgan T.
Song: Always be my baby
Topic: An epidemic of terror

Aaron V-B.
Song: Boomastic