My name is Branden hall I'm thrteen years old and my birth day is 8-2-97. The years that I will be covering are 87, 77, and 67.

In 1987...

Interview: I interviewed my mother and asked her what was her favorite song in the 80's? She told that one of her favorite artists was Luther Vandross and her favorite song was " here and now" and at the time my mother was 20 years old.
Name of song: HERE AND NOW
Name of musician: Luther Vandross
Genre: R n' B
external image luther-vandross-3.jpg

Event: In 1987 many good things were happening in the black community. The style of music started to change from RN'B to a more aggressive style of rap. Dana Elaine Owens or as you would probably know her as Queen Latifah started her rap career with the group Ladies First. She released her on album "All Hail The Queen" two years later in 1989 and has since then she has had a successful career as an actress, rapper and female role model.

In 1977...

interview: i interviewed my dad and asked him what was his favorite song twenty years before I was born. He said his favorite song was "SUPER BAD" written by James Brown. At that time my dad was 23 years old.

name of song: SUPER BAD
name of musician: JAMES BROWN
genre: POP

external image james%20brown%20-%20young.jpgIn the 70's there was peace music, R N' B music, and Disco. James Brown music was still making a big impact in the black community however Alex Haley "ROOTS" the movie made history after he won the PULTIZER in 1977. This inspired African American people to look up there families history and find how they came to be in America.
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in 1967...

30 years- I interviewed my aunt and asked her what was her favorite song was 30 years before I was born. She said Aretha Franklin's "respect" my aunt is 56 now.
name of song: RESPECT
name of musician: ARETHA FRANKLIN
genre: POP

external image images?q=tbn:ANd9GcQTE0CEbZwTgq-yj4hvlfTfb705C35NiN5-5418WXM-_tH7JN8-

The 1960"s America was starting to change. Martin Luther King was a icon to all black people. He was destroying racism where ever he could with peace. He wasn't the only one in america that was breaking boundaries, Thurgood Marshall was appointed the first black supreme court member in 1967 thirty years from my birth day. In order to defy all logic Thurgood unknowingly studied hard to become a supreme court member. Just as Martin Luther King was becoming a icon Thurgood was becoming a icon to. He gave hope to all African Americans and showed every body who looked down upon blacks what we could do.