My mother is 30 years older than me and her favorite song from the 80's was a spanish song by chayanne called "lola" The reason why she likes that song is because it reminds her of her husband (my father). I asked her because she was the only person i knew that was 40 years older than me besides my father. But, i sat down to have a conversation with her and i told her about my project and she didn't really understand the reason since she manly know spanish so, i just took her favorite song that is from the 80's
artist: Chayanne
Song: Lola


My cousin is 20 years older than me and his favorite song "god bless the dead" by 2-pac but that song i think was in the late 80's. My cousin picked this song because of the death of his father and this song was in the late 80's. So, i was a bit upset but i though i would pick his song in order to respect the death of his father. So, that's one more person.
Artist: 2pac
Song: God bless the dead


My brother is 10 years older than me and his favorite song is sugar by system, of a down back in the late 80's. Now, my brother is 10 years older than me and is a bit of a metal head if you well. He picked this song because it was like the only song that he knew that was from the 80's.
Artist: System of a down
Song: Surgar

external image System_of_a_down_sugar_ep_front.jpg